Memorabilia from the Desk of Philip Tory

Haywards Heath Grammar School 1960-1967

I was a pupil there from 1960 until 1967, and got 4 A-levels, which led to a wonderful career. I owe it to the foundation that I received at this school. Yes, I'm a Haywardian!

Philip Tory

Here's a copy of Haywardian Magazine 1962

Haywardian Magazine 1962 Usque Conabor
On the Haywardian cover was the School Motto,
 -- if you remember your Latin, it means 'Continually I Will Try'

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You cab best view it as two-pages to view. It's interesting that as I laid it flat to scan it, the old rusty staples finally crumbled and fell out, after 57 years!

Here below is a spoof Latin inscription, (I think this might have been suggested by Robert Johnson?) Can you see it?

          Usuck Candybar

And now...

You can also see the 1965 Prize-Giving booklet, Are you mentioned in it? (4 pages):

          Prize-Giving Haywards Heath Grammar School

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And what did we all look like over the years? This was / is me:

Philip Tory over the years

Philip Tory, BSc(Hons) Applied Physics, Bath Uni. 1967-71
My, don't we change... !

Looking back to those days - Grammar School News:

In case you didn't know it already... Haywards Heath Grammar School opened in 1958, and closed in 1980 when it became a sixth form college for A-level students. (See here.) Mr. Jarvis was followed by Ted Wynter as Headmasters while we were there.
There’s a bit more history here from Francis Frith, and a mention of Geography Teacher, Tony Reynolds here.