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Video clips from Santa Pod Drag Racing, 7th Sept 2014

Memories of a very quick day!

Hello everybody,

Have a look at these video clips (allow time for them to download):

DSCF7056 Top Fuel 256 mph.AVI  (17 Mb)

DSCF7058 6.6 seconds.AVI  (17 Mb)

DSCF7078 Bikes 214 mph.AVI (10 Mb)

DSCF7079 "Funny Car" 249 mph.AVI (25 Mb)

DSCF7081 Top Fuel Dragster 303 mph in 4 seconds.AVI (17 Mb)

There are also some photos below.

Ford Cortina Estate ... Dad had one of these, white, 1964 B reg, but the engine wasn't as big!


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Philip .